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There Is A Class For Every Parent Here
[New Parent Class, 8hr, private or group, $600]
[[New Birth Class, 4hr, private, $400]]
[[[Focus-On-You Chat, 2hr, private, $250]]]

[New Parent Class, 8hr, private or group, $550]

You choose to attend private or group New Parent Class. If you choose a private class, the 8 hour class can be spaced out over 1, 2 or 4 sessions.

This class is available on January 1, 2021 and February 27, 2021  as a group class, live, on-line with The Birth Tutor. Ask about other group class dates if these dates do not suite you. Sometimes another parent has requested the same group class date and you can be matched! 

It's important you feel at ease during your childbirth education classes. Some people enjoy a group setting and the chance to learn from each other with the guarantee of a few more laughs! Others prefer a more calm and private setting. Either way, no question about birth, pregnancy and early parenting is off limits. Your New Parent Class with The Birth Tutor is  a  safe space on your new parent journey.  

This class covers everything basic to birth and so much more! Class is packed with guided discussions for you to have with your birth partner, back and forth conversational learning with The Birth Tutor, movement, valuable resources that are current, relevant and respected nationally, conversation focused on you and your birth, practice with comfort techniques, playing with birth props and dolls, and a more than a few good stories! 

We learn about pregnancy wellness and care choices, common changes in pregnancy, comfort in pregnancy and birth, preparing for birth and the arrival of your newborn, birth partner and parent teamwork, how labor begins. the process of labor, medical care options in labor, movement in labor and birth, common medicine and treatments in labor, common processes related to your chosen birth location, communicating with your birth partner and care team, pushing and birth, cesarean birth, bonding with your baby, the normal newborn and new parent, and many sources for respected information and tools to support you on your birth journey. 

Class is relevant and accessible to new parents and their birth partners anywhere you may live while classes are on-line due to Covid-19. 

[[New Birth Class, 4hr, private, $450]]

This class includes review of all topics in the New Parent Class with the addition of any following focuses related to your desire for a different birth experience after you have given birth once or even more than once! This class helps you understand your care options.  When you book a New Birth Class with The Birth Tutor it is a private four hour session. You receive a list of possible topics to discuss in class. YOU select the topics we will explore. The topics you choose depends on your desires, health realities, and previous experience. I am still learning every day as an obstetric nurse after fifteen years of witnessing unique miracles. You will learn new things with each new baby too. 

A few of the New Birth topics: Well Newborn Care, Trial of Labor After Cesarean & Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Cesarean Section, Epidural, Laughing Gas, Movement in Birth, Breastfeeding and Bonding, Medical Induction of Labor, Hydrotherapy, Doulas, Sibling and Pet Adjustment, Birth Partner Teamwork, 

[[[Focus-On-You Session, 2hr, private $250.00]]]

This class offering is a private chat at a time convenient to you and about topics you wish to discuss. It is a great way to touch base and gain more support during the first postpartum month. Learn more about infant care or breastfeeding, spend more time in comfort tools such as helpful movement in labor, uses of cold and heat, breathing techniques, learn more about labor and birth, fourth trimester healing, understand induction of labor and cesarean section. The list of possibilities for this class is extensive. So, request the topic your own birth journey needs. The Birth Tutor will not hesitate to refer you to expert advice and consultation as needed.

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